September 25, 2010

Stepping Down, Part Two...

We, Michael and I, head to Florida this coming Saturday...  I am so looking forward to meeting my Grandson.  We will also head back up the coast to re-visit my Mom, hopefully reconnect with a great friend in Merritt Island, then visit another friend in Daytona, on our way back home to Virginia...

When we return I will no longer be the Operations Manager at the VCF Store at Chesapeake Square...  I will be (one of many) Home Furnishings Consultants (read: Sales Persons) at the VCF Store across from Greenbrier Mall, also in Chesapeake.

I am so looking forward to just minding my own business, and not having to deal with any one else's issues or complaints...   Good Lord I need a break...  Hopefully this will do the trick for awhile...

Greetings, and thanks for reading...  From Portsmouth, VA

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