October 24, 2010

Coming OUT 2010

I have written and reposted things in the past that truly epitomize the way I feel about my life today. This is a repost of exactly one of those things.  Since this is the official month of "coming out" I remind those that have not made it to this side of the closet, It gets better:

"I have met a number of people since coming out that have always been out, and what I mean by that is that they have lived their lives as homosexuals (hopefully I don't need to define that), yet they choose to hide their identity from the rest of the world. That is, they live in something that closely resembles "the closet" and describe themselves as "straight acting" and not into the gay scene. I have news for these folks. You are not gay! You are just homosexuals!

If we don't let the world know that we exist, (that we shop at the same supermarkets as they do, that we attend the same religious venues, that we park our car next to theirs at the mall, that we serve their meals to them when dining out, that we are their favorite performers and artists, that we are the people that answer the phone when they call our company for help), then we will never gain their trust and respect. We know who we are, and it's our responsibility to enlighten the rest of the world. It's our responsibility to help them understand that what we want is nothing more than what they want. We will never win the battle on equal rights by not allowing them to see us (and know us) as we are every day.

What I say to the "straight acting" homosexuals out there, that are embarrassed or uncomfortable to be gay and proud is: BE PROUD this month and let someone know (maybe just ONE person) who you really are, and what it is you really want! Unless all you want in your life is just sex behind closed doors without an open caring relationship to go along with it!

ps: I am a MAN that likes a MAN and if I offend anyone by using the term "straight acting" I apologize..."

Over and TOTALLY "Out" from Portsmouth, VA


jaygeemmm said...

I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with the tenor of this post. But it's just not that easy for some of us. Would I like to kick down the door and come screaming out? Absolutely. But at this point in my life, I fear the fallout would be far more devastating to me than the life "behind cosed doors" is.

That being said, this post also bolsters my courage, and adds to the resolve that the small steps I am taking might result in something bigger in the future for me, and for others.

Thanks. I just found your blog, linked off another that was linked off another (isn't that how it always works?). I also agree with your profile - we are "attention hounds", aren't we?

Peace <3

the cajun said...

Pity that we can decimate character in cases like these. These people are still hiding, safe only in their own self-created bubble far away from reality.
My post reflecting on Spirit Day summed it up for me pretty well.
Their isolation is their safety. They have nothing to offer to anyone outside their circle of influence - and that's a sad commentary on us older LGBT folks.
Disappointed yes, disillusioned, not one bit.
Thanks for this insight.

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