January 21, 2011

Remembering... October 13, 1951: January 21, 2009...

This is copied (with revisions) from my post dated January 23, 2009:

"My wife, of almost 20 years, and friend of more than 25, passed away Wednesday (January 21, 2009). Her battle with breast cancer was finally lost after the cancer metastasized into her bones and slowly took over...

Diana (Di to most) was one of the strongest, most kind hearted, and loving people I have ever known. She was the mother of three children and my best friend... I know I am not the only to make that claim, not only did Di have lifelong friends of her own, she was the best friend of more women than I can count. Something about her style, personality, and caring heart, attracted people to flock and stick with her for good and bad.

I have not seen her in a number of years, so I am blessed with memories of her as the healthy vibrant woman I always knew. For those of you that have been around her, helped her, cared for her, and loved her:

Thank you for being there!"

Over, "Out" and missing my best friend, from Portsmouth, VA

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