January 19, 2011

OWYP January 2011

This is an interview with my niece Jessica about her non-profit "One World Youth Project".  Watch the slideshow and listen to her answer the questions...  Making her parents more proud every day I'm sure... 

She makes me proud to be her Uncle...  You go Jess!

This is a video of the "Bioneers" Summit in October of this past year. While I know I have some overly exuberant pride here, watch as the MC introduces my niece, then watch Jessica deliver!

Bioneers 2010: Jess Rimington, of One World Youth Project, presents: "Mobilizing the World's Youth" from owyp on Vimeo.

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA (just another place where HIV/AIDS exists) and a neighbor to ODU (Old Dominion University), CNU (Christopher Newport University), NSU (Norfolk State University), and TCC (Tidewater Community College)... Hopefully one or more of the local colleges/universities will engage in the challenge to make the next generation smarter, and more aware of all global issues...

updated 1/20 to include the whole names of referenced schools...

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jaygeemmm said...

Very cool. It's great to see the younger generation involved with initiatives like this. I'm sure you and her parents are very proud of her!

Peace <3

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