February 16, 2011

Six for One and Five for the Other...

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my "Cardiac Event" (in 2005) and the fifth birthday of  "My New Life" (2006), here in the blog-o-sphere.

To the first I say: It's nice to be alive!

To the second I say: Thank you for giving me an outlet to vent my feelings, communicate with family and friends (from before), and make some new acquaintances in the blogging world that I would never have had the chance to know... The feedback from many of you has inspired me and helped me continue to do this for five years...

A special "Shout Out" to two Blogs (and their respective owners) for being there from the beginning:

Over, "Out, glad to be alive, and proud to be a Gay Blogger, from Portsmouth, VA


Kelly said...

first... we are glad you are alive too... and second... glad you are still here in the blog has been great reading all these years and seeing your life evolve and actually meet you!! Cheers to many more!!

Bob said...

Congrats on both anniversaries, though I'm sure one of them is more dear to your heart! ;)

jaygeemmm said...

Glad you made it through! I'm certainly happy to have made your acquaintance, and hope you're around for a lot more than 5 more!

The blogworld is pretty special isn't it?

Peace <3

Buddy Bear said...

Congratulations on your anniversaries!! Also, many thanks for all the great advice you've given me on the start of my journey. You are living proof that "It gets better."

jaygeemmm said...

And to add to BuddyBear: Thanks, too, for proving that "it gets easier"!

Peace <3

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