May 2, 2011

I never Knew...

While watching the news this morning about Osama bin Laden's capture and death, there was a piece on a memorial that I have never seen. After a close look, I didn't understand the design or intent (other than the fact that it memorialized the 184 people that lost their lives at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001). The following is a CBS video on the Pentagon Memorial, a couple of the families, and the designer:

Sorry for the commercial up front (if it shows), but the video explained enough to me that I thought some of you might find it interesting as well... The benches are all in line with the track of American Arlines flight 77 as it plowed into the building. Those pointing towards the building were on the flight, and those pointing away were in the Pentagon...

Over and "Out" from the day after "his death", in Portsmouth, VA


jaygeemmm said...

It is interesting symbolism, isn't it? I remember reading about it when the memorial was dedicated. I'd like to get up there to see that memorial, as well as back to NYC to see Ground Zero. Wanna road trip?

Peace <3

Bob said...

How sadly beautiful.

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