July 9, 2011

ASS-umptions... Follow-up

From a couple of the comments I received on my original post yesterday, some thought it was odd that our landlord (whom I absolutely love to death) is/was wrong in disclosing that we are gay (to perspective tenants of the upstairs unit)... 

Please remember, we live in the "Commonwealth of Vagina", one of the most backwards, conservative, provincial, homophobic, and unchanging states in our union... The last thing we want is an intolerant bigot living upstairs (see photo above, we share spaces such as back yard, front yard, and our doors are like 16" apart and can you tell which is our's?), why would anyone want to have a neighbor that close (potentially an Anita Bryant relative) find out, only after moving in, that there are "sinners" living in the same house???

I suggested to our landlord when she goes through the interviewing process, that she might want to mention that the couple downstairs was gay. Otherwise I honestly don't think she would have... Besides, it makes it easier for us, we don't have to explain anything, including the loud moans (of a potential sexual nature) that may emanate through the 85 year old structure...

Call me proactive, lazy, or just plain scared to have to "come-out" to strangers, but it has worked for the past 3 tenants upstairs...

Over and "Out" from our little Gayborhood, here in Portsmouth, VA, USA


the island guy said...

That was a nice read
"the loud moans" LOL

Bill said...

And here I was, the perfect example of your post, making assumptions....My seven years in Boston have made me forget about how slowly things can move south of the Mason Dixon.

Yes, telling your landlord to mention the gay neighbors makes perfect sense. Here's looking forward to the day that it does not matter!

Anonymous said...

I got it...I kept wondering what would happen in my neighborhood if I flew a rainbow flag in June, so I didn't (drops head in shame). I keep saying next year. We shall see. I actually got on the Gay Community Center's web page the other day, perhaps to see what kind of volunteer help they need. I look forward to the day I can just be out. I think it's coming. Every time I get around friends here that don't know, it's on my lips to blurt out. Then it won't matter any more, one way or another. Anyway, enough of my rant. It's nice to know your neighbors won't mind, though when they come to see the place, I'd say the door transom might just give it away!
Peace <3

Bob said...

I didn't think it was odd at all.
If I was the landlord, however, rather than say there's a gay couple downstairs, I might say Joe and Bob live downstairs and have been renting from me for years.

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