August 23, 2011

Eye... Eye... IRENE...

I was pretty convinced that Irene was going to slip right into "Hurricane Alley" (that area of water between the Southern Bahamas and Northern Hispaniola)... When living in Miami and the Bahamas, we always were warned that when these storms come up through "The Alley" you've got to watch out as Miami has often been the preferred destination of hurricanes on that path....

Not so this time...  Looks like Irene is heading our way (the mid-Atlantic coast) and may be arriving as an unwanted guest for Sunday dinner... (See forecast graphic above)...

We'll see where this one wanders. Meanwhile:

Over and "Out" on an absolutely beautiful day, here in Portsmouth, VA USA


Jay M. said...

You can come guard my house if you will be at doggie hotel and i will be partying up in the mountains! Couch and recliner are comfy! (After Labor Day if you need an evac point, I'll have a "bunk room"!)

Good luck!
Peace <3

todd carr said...

I wish you well, hope the winds don't blow too fierce. Kansas had Dorothy and the tornado, I think it is high time Hurricanes get a equally fab heroin. Good luck friend, I'll be watchin.

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