August 19, 2011

Virginia's First Light Rail System...

Is there any other state in the union that doesn't already have a light rail system? I was amazed when first moving to Richmond (from Miami) in 1999 that there was none there.

Anyway, Introducing the "TIDE"... 13 years in planning, almost 4 years of construction, 330 Million dollars (way over budget) and a year and a half behind schedule...

Today was almost like a holiday in downtown Norfolk. The local news had live rides, and interviews all morning, people showed up just to "Ride-The-Tide"... Now, I do remember when Miami's Metro-rail opened (the first phase) and later the elevated Metro-mover, and it was a helluva hoopla... So I guess Norfolk touting Virginia's first light rail is truly a BIG thing...

Congrats to the City and to all the taxpayers of Virginia!

Over and "Out" from across the river in Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

We don't have it here.
We're about twenty years or so behind the times.

Anonymous said...

RI doesn't have it either. But there are plans afoot here in Providence. They want to build a line that connects Brown University to the Hospital Complex. Yeah, a line that really SHOULD NOT BE BUILT.

Instead drop one from the north end, through Kennedy Plaza, and then out Broadway to Olneyville.

the cajun said...

Looks great!

Oh how I wish we had one in Delaware, say, from Wilmington to Fenwick Island. It would make a fortune and reduce the heavy seasonal traffic on the highways. It would also save time and money for those of us who have to fly anywhere. The closest airports are Philly or Baltimore. Long drives, and $$$ long term parking fees.

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there

Many thanks for posting this. I'm interested in rail transport in any form; "The Tide" had evidently slipped under my radar until now.

As for how many states have light rail, I think you'll find it's less than half. A quick tally (including "The Tide") indicates that 22 states have some form of conventional light rail or metro, with another three or so having only "heritage" light rail, probably intended more as a tourist attraction.

@the cajun: I think Delaware is considering some sort of passenger rail line running south from Wilmington - have a look at
In the meantime, you might find it easier to drive to Wilmington and take the train from there, in either direction.

Take care


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