January 10, 2012

Who needs New Hampshire, When we have the Pope!!!

Pope Benedict XVI denounced gay marriage in his annual “State of the World” address Monday, going so far as to say the same-sex nuptials threaten the future of humanity.

In the speech, the pope, 84, unleashed what some consider being his strongest tirade against gay marriage, saying it is among conventions that “undermine the family” and “threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” Reuters reported.

“Pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and woman,” the pontiff said.

“This is not a simple convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society,” he continued. “Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.”

The pope also condemned laws that “not only permit but at times even promote abortion for reasons of convenience or for questionable medical motives.”

The annual address was delivered to an audience of Vatican diplomats from nearly 180 countries.

The Catholic Church, which teaches that homosexual acts are sins, and that marriage should be between a man and woman, is a notorious adversary of same-sex unions.

Next month, the pope will elevate New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan to cardinal. Dolan, a leading opponent of gay marriage, once sent a letter to President Obama, blasting the administration for not supporting a federal ban on gay marriage.

Dolan said Obama’s decision could “precipitate a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions.”

The pope touched on a wide range of topics in the new year address, including world violence and fiscal crisis.

Read the entire “State of the World” speech at Vatican Radio’s website:

As a cousin of mine said on her FB page: "The Pope's degrading and ignorant comments about gay marriage that he made in his state of the world address is a prime example of one of the many reasons I no longer consider myself a Catholic."

Thank you "M", I would have overlooked this ridiculous piece of oral-manure without you...

Over and "Out" from the side of my little soapbox, here in Portsmouth, VA USA


FOGGY said...

Like your cousin, it is because of THIS that I am a "Recovering Catholic". The good Cardinal (2B) must assume that Church and State are somehow "intertwined" in certain things when he stated that Obama’s inaction could “precipitate a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions.” What "conflict"? What's he going to do? Take away Obama's birthday? Get in line. Donald Trump has first dibs on that one.

Marriage is two separate items; one relating to the State, the other to Religion. In other words, "marriage" is a legal governmental contract, as well as a religious ceremony (and divorce lawyers like that just the way it is, thank you). IMO, explaining this to the "blindly faithful" is a waste of time and energy.

Today, at least we can eat meat on Friday without the prospect of going to Hell. Unfortunately, eternal damnation due to "masturbation" and "willful erections" remains in full force within the Catholic Church; an almost impossible situation, regardless of "sexual orientation". To those fortunate few who are magically able to abstain from "everything sexual in thought, word, and deed"; when the "day of reckoning" is upon them, they must surely feel like a submarine (something long, round and hard, and full of seamen).

Bob said...

he ought to clean his own house [of the pedophiles] before he starts tackling any others.

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