June 17, 2012

OWYP Needs Our Help!

This is a request from OWYP for all that might have a need to support Global Cross-Cultural education. My Niece founded this effort and your donations are totally tax deductible.... Think about it, read about it and donate/share if you feel the urge...

One World Youth Project

Hello! Two outstanding students from the University of Guyana have been selected as the first ever university student leaders (or Project Manager Fellows) for the One World Youth Project (OWYP) program in Guyana. OWYP links schools across the world to create mutual respect and understanding among students. The two Project Manager Fellows manage the "Hub" on the UG campus, which is comprised of their peers who facilitate cross-cultural exchanges between local Guyanese secondary school students and their peers abroad in countries like the USA, Turkey, Kosovo and Pakistan.

In order to successfully lead this program in Guyana, the Project Manager Fellows must attend a mandatory training in Kosovo to gain the essential skills in leadership, management, cross-cultural communication, and most importantly, build a cohesive international community with their peers.

It promises to be an incredible trip for the University of Guyana Project Manager Fellows to interact with similarly ambitious students who are seeking new ways to connect with peers beyond national borders. The trip will allow Project Manager Fellows to develop leadership and management skills, learn about their peers' countries and cultures and prepare them for the upcoming service-learning work they will have in their communities. For most students in attendance, it will be their first opportunity abroad in a place that is so culturally different than where they are living.

Please help us empower local Guyanese youth to connect with others globally and make positive change within their local community!

What is the Summer Training Conference?

The Summer Training Conference (STC) is a weeklong experience where the Project Manager Fellows from OWYP Hub campuses worldwide come together to further develop their management, leadership and community-building skills.

This is a unique opportunity for OWYP's international leaders to come together as a team to learn from one another and form strong bonds across borders. The STC adequately prepares students to collaborate remotely with their partner secondary schools and universities abroad.

Check out this video from last year’s STC:

What is One World Youth Project?

One World Youth Project (OWYP) partners with universities and university students to build mutual respect and understanding among youth. Through the OWYP program, university students are trained to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges between local middle schools and middle schools abroad via technology. (Mentored by the university student facilitators, students gain empathetic and critical thinking skills that allow them to address challenges in their own communities with a newly developed global lens.)

The vision of OWYP is a just world built through the actions of empowered, discerning and empathetic generations of global citizens. For more information visit our website:

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