June 8, 2012

Opsail Virginia 2012

This weekend is Opsail Virginia 2012 and Harborfest... Harborfest every year brings tons of tourist and resident dollars to the local (Norfolk and Portsmouth) economies. This year, with the addition of Opsail 2012 it is bound to be a MAJOR boost, especially to the downtown areas of both cities.

Today at about 12noon EST the fleet of tall ships arrives in the harbor (you can see it live at Most of them stay through the weekend and are "berthed" on all sides of the Elizabeth River, allowing tours and awe from most who visit...

Good luck to all involved to help keep us on the map as a major east coast port and tourist destination!

Over and "Out" for today, from Portsmouth, VA USA


Jim said...

I would love to go see a tall ship! I'm jealous...

Jay M. said...

Very cool, wish I wasn't tied up this weekend!

Peace <3

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