April 21, 2006

Good Friday Evening, Richmond VA... I spent the latter part of the evening watching the Miss USA pageant on NBC. This is the contest that is the precursor to the Miss Universe (aka: Miss Donald Trump) pageant. "The Donald" and his son were both present for the crowning, in Baltimore, of this year's winner. Baltimore? hmmm... Interesting choice of locale for the competition a second year in a row. Nothing like a little more atmosphere to highlight a major television event. Why not say Roanoke? or maybe Little Rock? I'm sure they would be equally as appealing to the bottom line. Oh, and Carson Kressley... Mr. Queer Eye! What where you thinking when you opened your mouth? I liked the Miss USA pageant better as a gay man, not with one as a color commentator.. Oh well enough said...
Work has been challenging these past couple of weeks. It seems no-one buys furniture after Palm Sunday, or the beginning of Passover. Why is that? Don't the people of Richmond understand that we commission sales people have to pay our mortgages, phone bills, electric bills, and so on, all year long? This includes April!!! It's hard to tell your mortgage company that you just didn't sell enough sofas to cover this month's payment.
Otherwise, life is good... Not sure what the ex is planning, I got letters from my attorney today that are confusing to say the least... But I am ok with it all... I go back to my therapist next week and that will help me to re-center... It's been over a month, almost two, I can't yet do without therapy for that long, but that's my problem...
Life is good... Oh... and what do you think of those new Honda commercials with the airbags and crashes? Dang... Scared the pants off me the first time I saw one!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, enjoyed reading it and will return often. I love the new commercvials also. They are very well done. Good luck on th sofas and hang in there.

John G.

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