April 19, 2006

Yesterday I drove up to Washington DC, more specifically Georgetown, to visit my niece. This is her first year at Georgetown University. Likewise, this was my opportunity to spend the better part of the day by myself window shopping.
The day was beautiful. I drove up with the rag-top down under a crystal blue sky. It was a little chilly at first, but I wasn't going to let that spoil the ride. My ABBA CD was keeping me company for the 1 hour 45 minute cruise. After finding a parking spot deep in the bowels of the Foundry Building, I started my walk. I found the Ralph Lauren shop, the LaCoste store, a Barney's of New York (COOP), the Dean and Delucca grocery, not to mention the usual fair, like Restoration Hardware, Banana Republic, and the GAP... Georgetown is truly a shoppers dream come true.
My niece and I met up for dinner after her classes at Washington Harbour, a marvelous shopping and dining area right on the Potomac River, overlooking the Watergate complex and the Kennedy Center. There where people on the river rowing, and others motoring in a varied assortment of watercraft. It was wonderful to sit and chat with my niece with all of this going on around us.
After dinner, we drove over to the University, where she gave me a tour of the campus and introduced me to some of her friends. The buildings on campus are impressive, from the obviously very old, to the very modern, all seem to fit together and work well with each other. The campus is not spread out like some I have seen, it is very compact and easy to get around. My niece seems to really like it there. It was wonderful to see her.
My drive back to Richmond last night was uneventful. I got home and reflected on my day...

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