May 16, 2006

Ever meet someone that really makes you think? I mean REALLY makes you think, from your brain all the way to your soul. Someone that seems to be able to read your mind and answer the same questions posed to you... Someone that makes you re-evaluate your own being right down to your core... I met a person like this about 25 years ago, and never thought it would be possible to meet another. I was wrong...
I went out last night, not to the club, not to play pool in the tournament, not to have a beer or two, but to go shopping... It was enlightening, confusing, emotional, and unproductive - at least the shopping part was - but enjoyable. I was forced to go into the Short Pump Town Center Mall for the first time in my life - I actually prided myself in never shopping there before - not sure why it was important to stay a SPTC virgin, but I am not anymore so that doesn't matter.
I learned something about myself last night. I assume too much. I assume to know what someone is saying sometimes when I have not asked for clarification... The 3rd agreement in Don Miguel Diaz's The Four Agreements, is to not assume anything. I actually thought I was pretty good at this one, but I was wrong... I am going to start taking the time to ask people what they really mean when they say something, ask for clarification before I assume to know what their meaning is. I was truly shocked when I did this the first time. I learned alot more about the person and that person's motives and intentions afterward. My assumptions, the interpretations I had made, were totally wrong... Go figure.
Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks...
Til next post... Over and "out"...

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