July 3, 2006

July 4th Weekend

Here we are 230 years old and still kicking... Wow - the flag above is the world's largest, it is 255 feet by 505 feet and weighs 3,000 pounds - it was hung over Hoover Dam in 1996!

I have decided that St Thomas is a good place and a good fit for me, and have set up a meeting with the pastor to determine what I can do for the church, and what expectations I should have of what the church might do for me.

Spent the day yesterday with a friend, we sunned, ran through the sprinkler like little kids, cooked out ate potato salad - all those summertime activities - and just enjoyed each other's company. I left around 8ish and headed home. Was going to read for awhile, then decided it was too early and went over to barcode for karaoke. It was pretty busy and I ended up staying until around 10.30.

Spoke to my Mom yesterday, she is staying home for the 4th, and seems to be adapting well to her "New Life" as well. Funny when we were asking questions of each other, they really were applicable to either of us... She sounded marvelous!

Not much else going on in my life here in Richmond, VA. So, until next time....
Over and "Out"...


Kelly said...

hehehe...running through sprinklers...i used to love that

Anonymous said...


Be happy, Be True, Take care of your KIDS/FAMILY/FREINDS/& YOURSELF

Miami Shores/Your old home

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