August 17, 2006

I Love "My New Life"!!!

It's hard to put into words, the way I feel. I am content, and very pleased to be me... How can one say that without dismissing one's past? I have no regrets about how I got to this place, I am just very happy to be here. I have children I love, I have friends and family I love, and I have a man that I love AND am in love with. Who could ask for anything more?
I still have obstacles every day, I have disappointments as well. I just refuse to let them govern who I am or where I am at this place in time. I fell to sleep last night in the arms of someone I care so much about, yet I can't forget the times I have done that in my previous life. I hope reading this does not cause anymore hurt to that person. Love is not something that can be discarded like an old shirt, it lasts forever if you let it.
I read a Blog from a friend of mine today and realized regardless of your intentions, the pain you create by your actions can sometimes never be forgiven. Unless they let it... I cannot focus on that, but rather concentrate on being true. To myself and to others. The feelings one has about things that have happened are their own. I have my feelings too, I just try not to have others' affect who I am or what I am.
Enough of the babbling... I am Happy, I hope they can be as well...
Over and "Out" from Williamsburg

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