September 27, 2006

Our own version of the "Gayborhood"

My fellow blogger and friend Kelly Stern has a beautiful photo of a rainbow flag on the front of his home in Richmond, and on his blog page. I tried something similar and came up with the picture above. Our little slice of the gayborhood in Toano...
I will be missing the first Pride event in this area since coming "totally" out last year. I feel bad in a way, well.... Maybe not that bad... Jim, some (straight) gayborhood friends, and I are all heading down to Nags Head this weekend for some R-and-R. We rented a house for the weekend and since none of us (except Jim) have been there before, we are all looking forward to discovering the area on our own.
It's a little early to think and have too much to say here. I have a dentist appointment later, then car inspection after that. I am looking forward to neither... I work Thursday, a 12 hour stint, then Friday I will try to get off early so we can head down to NC. My daughter has agreed to watch the dogs for us while we are gone... I think they will all three enjoy the time together.
I will post what I can when we return... But you know what they say... "What happens in the OBX, stays in the OBX" hehehe...
Over and "Out" from Toano

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