October 2, 2006

The Outer Banks of NC

All I have to say is WOW! I had never been to the outer banks before this past weekend. I had been up the Intercoastal Waterway before, delivering yachts up and down the east coast, but had never actually spent time on the spit of land just east of Arbermarle Sound.

Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, and the other resort towns along the sandy swatch of land known as the outer banks were beautiful. The home we stayed in was 3 floors. The ground floor had a pool table, bar, carport, and swimming pool in the back yard. The 2nd floor had 2 master bedrooms off the deck with a hot tub, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a guest room with another queen bed, and a bunk room with 2 sets of bunkbeds. The 3rd floor is where all the action was, a huge kitchen, dining area and livingroom, with sliding glass doors out to the deck with breathtaking views of the area and the ocean.

We arrived late Friday, settled in and headed out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. The majority of us spent the day Saturday lounging by the pool consuming large quantities of assorted lagers, and soaking up the remnants of the Summer sun (albeit Fall)... We all did a relatively fair job of turning our fading tans into something closer to the color of a scarlet rose... ouch... It felt so good though. Sunday started a bit slower, as you might imagine. After packing things up and reloading them into our respective vehicles, Jim, Mark, and I headed down to the Wright Brothers Memorial. I had no idea, that this was the actual place where those first flights back in 1903 actually took place. The memorial itself, sitting high atop Kill Devil Hill (The Big Hill) was awesome. It wasn't until I saw an aerial photo of it that I realized the base was in the shape of a star. The tower itself looked like the tail of a 747, except five or six times the size. After reading and listening to the stories of the trials of the brothers Wright, I was amazed to find out several facts that I had no clue could be attributed to these first flights. While the walk around the memorial and grassy national park was quite long, it was well worth the time and energy.

I now see why so many Virginians vacation in the Outer Banks, and why I see so many OBX stickers on cars in our area. I'll go back, there are many more things to see and places to go!

More to come on our escapades...

Over and "Out" for now, from home in Toano, VA

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jason said...

The Outer Banks are incredible. I went there for Spring Break when I was in college (Nags Head). Fell in love, but was never able to go back.

But now that I'm a rich teacher (stop laughing), I may get to go some...year. ;0)

Oh yeah, I got your link to work. lol...

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