May 20, 2008

From Sea to Shining Sea

Less than a year ago I got to re-experience San Francisco as a totally "out" gay man. While the city itself was familiar from years prior, seeing it from a completely different perspective was awesome (Thanks Jim for a great trip)... From Pacific to Atlantic (well almost)...

Today I look out my window and see the Pilgrim Monument of Provincetown MA fame. I have been here before as well, my oldest son was about 10 months old then, he will be 30 in July. I have lived a lifetime, it seems, between then and now, no regrets truly.

P-town has changed somewhat in the past 29 years. Yet it still has a charm that only a town at the end of a spit of land could have. It's where the normal irregulars come to live, you probably remember them as the "misfits" from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The people that feel uncomfortable in the stereotypical setting, yet blend in and seem totally IN place here. I could live here too, just not sure I could find work for someone that does what I do best...

I wandered the streets and shops yesterday, bought a Provincetown "hoodie" for my new collection, found a wonderful place to have a juicy hamburger and a couple of beers right on the harbor, and then started checking out places I should explore after the sun went down. Until this coming weekend (Memorial Day) many of the businesses keep abbreviated hours. I found that the Crown and Anchor had a new show scheduled to start called "Showgirls", a drag talent show, that turned out to be hilarious. I think every gay man in P-town was there for opening night, they sure grow handsome men up here!

Today I plan to head over to a bookstore I saw last night after the show, and pick up something to read out on a bench near the beach. That is another fascinating thing about this place, all the waterfront is public land, and all access to it is open 24 hours a day. People take advantage of the beautiful views by doing exactly what I am proposing to do today...

Over and "Out" from P-town MA

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Ron said...

You are bringing back very fond memories for me of my days in Provincetown, Mass. It is my absolute favorite place on this earth. When I retired, I couldn't afford to live in Massachusetts because of the high taxes and the really cold winters, so I picked the second best....Rehoboth Beach. I love it down here but it sure isn't P-town.

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