May 22, 2008

The Witches of Eastwick?

Had a grand time re-visiting Ptown. Funny thing happened the last night I was there. I headed down to the Boatslip around 5pm, to experience my first ever Tea Dance only to find out that they didn't have one on Tuesday (apparently until after Memorial Day).
It got progressively cloudier, cooler, and rainier so I ducked into a restaurant/bar to warm up a little and enjoy some camaraderie and a couple of drinks. The barkeep was a real cutie and the folks at the bar, including the owner/manager were discussing the untimely passing of "Dixie", a local drag superstar, who's funeral was that very day. After claiming my stool and space at the bar, conversations flowed freely amongst all of the patrons. I decided to have an appetizer while downing my 2nd or 3rd beer when a couple of local ladies pulled up to the stools beside mine. The one closest to me (they turned out to be sisters, one local, one visiting), after exchanging pleasantries, reached over and put her hand on mine and said: "Honey, he is just not worth it". Now this statement in itself threw me for the moment (and even more so later) as I had exchanged no real personal information with this woman. After a brief discussion of her remark I realized that this woman was truly gifted. One of those people that can sense emotions and chooses not to keep those unique talents locked up inside (we all know these people exist and probably know at least one). As it turned out she and her sister both possessed the same ability.
I had already come to terms with the happenings in my life these past few weeks, and was actually feeling quite good about heading home in a few days and starting my life again, so while I chatted with them, I wondered why they still felt these emotions coming from me. The ladies left and another younger woman came in sitting across from me a few seats down and around the corner of the bar. We acknowledged each other with a nod of sorts, and before I knew it, she had gotten up out of her seat, walked around the two guys sitting between us, and come over to me, putting her hands on either side of my face and said: "I am so glad that you have come to terms with your loss" and "You are much too good for him".
Now I know I am a sensitive guy, and I do tend to wear my emotions on my shirtsleeve, but this is just plain scary...
Now here is the interesting part of this whole adventure, apparently in my haste to find a dry warm place to hang out, I neglected to ask anyone or refer to any of the gay guides to Ptown, I had ducked into the Governor Bradford, one of the only straight bars on Commercial Street. In addition to the chance encounter with the three women above, I was cruised, flirted with, and had a forth woman attempt to convert me from homosexuality for the night. How on earth could these women have known that is was a "HE" that was at the root of my feelings? Fate is an interesting thing, and does work in mysterious ways...
Over and "Out" from Cape Cod MA


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Ptown really does have a cosmic element to it.

I had heard about Dixie passing and it reminded me of my favorite Dixie encounter. After awaking at the crack of noon following a night of partying with my best friend Bobby, we stumbled to the Post Office Cafe for breakfast to ward off our hangovers. We sat down and our server, Dixie, immediately came over with 2 coffees for us. Being very dehydrated we asked for ice water also. Without skipping a beat Dixie chirped, "Don't you have water in your coffee?" Bobby and I were so caught off guard by this comment we howled with laughter, albeit quietly due to our hungover state.

Ron said...

First time reading your blog. It brings back fond memories of Provincetown when I used to visit in the 80's. They still have Tea Dances at the Boatslip? Last time I was there Waylon Flowers and Madame put in an appearance. Yes, it was a special time. No longer.

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