May 16, 2008

Tom's Excellent Adventure

Greetings from Cape Cod Massachusetts... After my move, I decided I needed some "Tom Time" and this is it... My brother and his wife live up here and, besides the monetary savings I would realize, it seemed like a good place to get away to.

Rather than getting stuck on some toilet seat on a Jet Blue flight, I decided to drive up and use the time to contemplate and re-evaluate. I took off yesterday morning around 5:30 and headed across the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, up the DelMarVa peninsula, travelled the length of New Jersey on the Jersey Turnpike, across the George Washington Bridge and upper Manhattan, hugged the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island, finally making my way to the quaint little town of Cotuit, MA arriving at 4:11 (just 3 minutes later than my GPS had initially calculated that morning). How in the world can it do that?

Speaking of my Garhman GPS, thanks Mom for giving it to me, it was awesome. I just need to figure out how to change it's voice. Right now it has a woman's voice, and I swear I hear little "tisk" noises coming out of her as she announces that she is "Recalculating" and to "Safely make a U-turn" after I have made a wrong turn somewhere. She can be somewhat bitchy sounding at times, or is that all in my head too? I want a male voice with perhaps a British accent to help guide me, assertively, but not aggressively... Maybe like Sean Connery? Anyway you get my drift.

I am planning on doing some reading, posting on here, exploring, and of course making a side trip up to P-town while I am here...

More to come! Over and "Out" from Cape Cod!

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