August 24, 2010

Where were you: Eight-Twenty-four, of Ninety-two?

August 24, 1992, I was living in Miami Shores, a small city just north of downtown Miami (well actually about 85 blocks north)... and on that day in the wee hours of the morning, Hurricane Andrew made landfall twenty or so miles south of us.

What we experienced was nothing compared to what the people in South Miami, Kendall and Homestead had to deal with.  We had no power for a week, they had no power for (in some cases) 3-4 months... I can't imagine...

My first visit (post Andrew) to Kendall was like driving down some road on a distant planet.  The trees that once lined Kendall Drive had all been sheared off, mid-trunk. I mean, they weren't pulled out of the ground, or just topped, they were literally snapped in two my the force of this storm...

Funny thing, I lived in South Florida for almost 30 years, and since moving to Virginia in 1999, we have experienced the remnants of more named storms here, than we ever did there...  Am I a magnet?

Over and "Out" on a cooler evening, from Portsmouth, VA.


the cajun said...

Well, you may be a magnet, but the most common cause of storms swiping the east coast is if they miss the Gulf states and hit the gulf stream it carries and feeds them up the Atlantic where they eventually come ashore or maybe slam into eastern Canada.
The beaches here have been replenished 4 times since I've lived here in DE.

Bob said...

I missed Andrew by about eight years, but I am happy about that. If Katrina and Wilma caused me to want to leave Miami, I imagine Andrew would have made me move to one of the square states in the middle!

Ron Tipton said...

I remember Hurricane Hazel 1957. The next one was Hurricane Floyd. I almost got flooded in that one racing to work at the hotel. I'll never forget it. Fortunately, I've missed all the others. I guess I'm not a magnet like you are.

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